Artwork by Heike Schümann depicts abstractly rendered sailboats

sail art: values and virtuosity at the turning point

100 x 100 x 2

The artwork "sail art: values and virtuosity at the turning point", styled in contemporary art, is distinguished by its unique approach and the use of high-quality materials. I personally stretched the canvas and primed it three times carefully to create an optimal base for painting. This one-of-a-kind piece was created exclusively with high-quality acrylic paints. The image depicts a lively regatta scene at the turning point, where various fabric collages, the incorporated sailcloth, and the combination of printed and troweled elements produce a dynamic and textured surface. The color scheme, featuring various shades of blue in contrast with the energetic red sails, gives the piece an intense visual tension. This unique artwork is painted on canvas with high-quality acrylic paints and is signed by me.