Artworks by Heike Schümann arranged horizontally on a wall.


Since 2010, I have been a visual artist, primarily working in my studio in Kellinghusen, Germany. With a background in craftsmanship, I have established a solid foundation for my painting. From 2009 to 2010, I learned compositions and proportions of portrait painting from the artist Felix Eckardt in Hamburg, Germany. In 2011, 2013, 2017, and 2021, I attended the international educational institution in Steinbergkirche, near Flensburg, Northern Germany. Additionally, I furthered my education in abstract painting from 2019 to 2020 at the Art Academy of Insa Hoffmann in Kandern, Southern Germany.


I use high-quality acrylic and oil paints in combination with markers, chalks, inks, and drawing charcoal on canvas. Often, I work with large brushstrokes, alternating between opaque and translucent coats of paint, applying them in multiple layers. I allow textures to emerge, letting the acrylic paints flow. Additionally, I incorporate my own sketches, designs, and monotypes into my paintings, subsequently overlaying them with lines and areas of contrasting color to generate tension. In my art, I remain consistently curious and open to new techniques.


Over the years, I have developed my own painting style. I have specialized in the figurative representation of women, using an abstract art form characterized by dynamism and tension. The works I create are inspired by models and are distinguished by a high level of expressiveness. My artworks are not only aesthetically appealing but further offer a captivating interpretation of feminine beauty and strength. Regarding the portrayal of figurative elements, I place a particular focus on female body shapes. I depict individual, confident, and expressive women. Fabrics and clothing influence the natural form, creating edges and straight lines. This generates tension, juxtaposing the curved, soft lines of the bodies with the geometry of the clothing or the background.